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The treasures of heaven fall upon the body like a mantle when you need it. Your position must be one of movement. We find the Lord moves after you. How else can David write in Psalm 23 that goodness and mercy would follow him all the days of his life?  If you are bound by present fear let this encourage and empower you.

I am an introvert and public speaking produces for me a great fear, but I am here to tell you, It Falls when you need it. In the last few weeks, I have had many speaking engagements and each one was not without fear, however I can tell you, It falls when you need it and the peace of God that passes understanding and the wisdom of God produces the required fruit.

 Some may say “Lord I am waiting for your power.” It falls when you need…

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I’m a little behind on posting this since I finished the last run of week 3 last Wednesday, but never late than never. Week 3 consists of a 5 minutes warmup, run 90 seconds, walk 90 seconds, run 3 minutes, walk 3 minutes, run 90 seconds, walk 90 seconds, run 3 minutes, walk 3 minutes, 5 minute cool down.

I was a little nervous about the 3 minute runs considering this is 3x the amount I was running just 2 weeks before but I was able to do it. Not only was I able to do it but I was able to complete the entire run without looking at the timer to see how much longer I had left. I’ve found that that makes it much worse.

Run 1: On the treadmill. Definitely felt harder than the week before as I went into the longer runs but this was probably…

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The swan and a goose swimming together 🙂

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The Written Word

Chillen With The Boys

My Brother and My Two Nephews have been here for the last several days… It’s been great.

Watchen movies, cooken for em, Playen some Dungeons & Dragons… And Magic The Gathering.

And Last night I got to play some Guitar with the Oldest, who is a natural.

Oh, and played a bit of Catch with a baseball as well… They’re both natural athletes, but the littlest one here I think might actually play some ball.

I hope he does, like I say, he’s a natural.

Mostly it’s just good to see them, as it’s been over 19 months since I had… But hopefully they’ll be back down here sooner this time… Maybe even Thanksgiving…

We shall see



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Sorry  – I’ve been pretty busy trying to catch up from the luxurious vacation last week – where I took 2 days off from work and will spend 2 weeks trying to straighten out the messes created by those trying to be “helpful” in my absence.  In addition, I forgot to put an end date on the voting poll and couldn’t edit it – so had to remove it from the post so that people wouldn’t continue to vote long after I am dead and gone.  So much to learn!  So little remembered from one competition to the next!

Dave, from 1pointsperspective was the big winner in the Sloth round of the Deadly Sins competition.  Make sure you get over there and check out his great illustration that accompanies his entry – “The One Thumbed Sloth“.

Once again, a $40 donation to the charity of Dave’s choice will…

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The Nail Color Files

Happy Sunday everyone!  I’m here with pictures and info about this week’s manicure.  I’ve gotten a few comments about it already from those that have seen it and they’ve all be good!  This technique is beginning to grow on me.

I don’t usually do manicures for specific holidays except for St. Pat’s Day.  It’s the only time of the year, usually, when I pull out my Sinful Colors Irish Green.  I decided to do a July 4th mani this year though by doing a water marble.

Water marbling is so easy to do, but it can become time consuming.  That’s my number one reason for not doing it that often.  There are a number of great tutorials out there on various blogs and on YouTube, so I didn’t feel the need to do one here.

The colors I used are the same ones, I think, that are on the 4th…

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Clare Copy



Whilst flicking through a magazine this morning, I came across the above image of Chinese Artist Liu Bolin. He’s also known as the ‘Invisable Man’ as his work involves him blending into various backgrounds – kind of like a camelion.

This picture was taken in a newsagents in Paris and took ten hours to make.

More of Bolin’s work can be viewed here:

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Photographs and recipes

Perfect for an afternoon break, but look at the ingredients… milk, egg, Bisquick – sounds like a breakfast to me.  This is so easy to put together that you can’t have any excuse for not trying this.  Although it’s got Bisquick, it’s not at all heavy but very light & well… crummy.

Streusel Mixture:
1/2    Cup light brown sugar, firmly packed
2       Teaspoons cinnamon
1       Teaspoon nutmeg
1/3    Cup finely chopped pecans
3       Tablespoons melted butter

1        Egg
1/4     Cup granulated sugar
1        Cup milk
2-1/2  Cups Bisquick mix
2        Tablespoons melted butter

*  Preheat oven to 375°. Grease 9×9″ pan or Corningware dish
*  Combine Streusel using all ingredients & mix with fork
*  For Coffeecake mixture:
In mixing bowl, beat egg, sugar, and milk.  Add…

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I love barnacles. Growing up near the ocean, they were something that I saw a lot. Later in life, they have become nostalgic; I definitely don’t see them as often living in NYC. I am also obsessed with biomimicry in design. Here are some designs that use the concept of barnacles to create something beautiful for the home. (click images for link/ info)

I used these fiberglass ‘barnacles’ by Plodes in a residential project in Austin, Texas a few years ago:

These less literal versions are still very nautical/ barnacle-esque:

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Julz Kirschenbaum

We began our decent down into the Queer Creek Vally at Democracy Steps. Now would be a good time to mention my intense fear of heights, a fear I did not even realize I had until I was at the top of the Eifel Tower six years ago. That being said,  the roughly 100  steps were designed  Akio Hizume, his intent was to create a graceful and gentle slop down to the falls. I made the mistake of looking over the edge of the cliff next to the steps before we began our journey down, but I took a deep breath at the top and was pleasantly surprised how easy the walk down was.

Once we had reached the bottom I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the valley.  The weather was perfect, and the sunlight filtering in through the trees created an almost magical atmosphere.

The trail leading towards Cedar Falls is filled with…

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